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‘to provide outstanding, imaginative recruitment solutions at affordable rates’

The idea to start their own business began – like much of modern civilisation – in Greece.
Iain and Sarah were enjoying a simple meal of pizza and wine, watching the Aegean Sea ebb and flow against the shore of the island of Kos. Their conversations often revolved around their work. What could they do better than the agencies they were currently working for? What did clients really want? How could the process be made simpler for candidates?

Iain and Sarah’s plan was formulated and they set up Duval Associates in January 2010.
Of course, it wasn’t easy. They both left well-paid jobs to set up the business, which began in a converted garage at Sarah’s parents’ house in Newcastle on Tyne.
This sacrifice spurred them on to make Duval a success, and the pair worked tirelessly to inch their way into this highly competitive field.

Skip forward a decade to 2018 and Duval is firmly established. It still does what they envisaged on that balmy evening in Greece: it relies on good conversations, loyalty, simplicity and a sense of fun. No wonder Iain and Sarah still love what they do. As do those who work with them. They are delighted to partner with amazing companies who employ amazing people. And they look forward to hearing from those of a similar mind, who share their passion.

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Sales and Marketing – Engineering – IT - Office and Finance


The Stats

500 +
Placements made
20 +
Job titles placed
42 +
Years of experience
100 %
Staff retention
1 %
Failed in rebate
100 %
Free replacement success
38 +
Locations recruited for
12 +
Hours in our day